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The Agony of Love - Love Hurts Poems


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with The Agony of Love - Love Hurts Poems
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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 08/28/2010 :  01:10:05 AMlonelysoul77's Poems
I am so tired of being misunderstood.
My feelings get crushed and pushed under a hood
As if I was some piece of paper scrap
Where I am worth nothing not even crap

Why is it so hard for people to read my feelings?
Am I that dark and mysterious or am I truly a villain?
I try to be kind straight from my heart
Yet I push people away from me I push them far.

Do I lack a sense of reality I ask myself?
Am I in my own insane world? I can’t tell,
Because everyone stays so far from me
Am I really that evil? No I differ to disagree.

I feel I don’t get my feeling across
Or even my ideas or even a simple thought
Everything I say gets twisted into a curse
That supposedly I created to make someone hurt

I am so tired of being misunderstood
Negative rumors about me just plain old falsehood
Because I am a human with feelings so sensitive
And I wander around with my mind so pensive

I ponder upon my dealings with people
Those whom I loved dearly and I held upon a steeple
I adored and admired these beings of my life
My they’ve all turned and stabbed me with their knifes

I wish my story to them I could tell
But as I open my mouth they scream help
For god to remove me from their lives
Why is they hate me so why oh why?

I’m tired of being misunderstood
I’m tired of being told I’m no good.
I’m tired of being misunderstood

Edited by - lonelysoul77 on 04/13/2013 03:25:27 AM

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FFP Poet Laureate

2681 Posts

Posted - 08/28/2010 :  01:55:55 AMPoems by misznaenae
me too. Amen! Love this poem. Im here if you wana talk...or just be understood. Great poem!
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 09/04/2010 :  01:00:44 AMPoems by Ronnie Doe
I'm never tired to read poems so good. Well written and expressed.
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 11/16/2012 :  09:50:32 AMPoems by iLoveaSoldier1823
If you need to talk I am here for you,, I have a few people on this site that I have helped or m helping work through things and all. God bless to you!!
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FFP Veteran Poet

181 Posts

Posted - 04/07/2013 :  7:49:19 PMPoems by Dreamer
Great Poem! I understand you, if you need to talk, to vent im here for you :) Humans can either be kind hearted souls, or extremely cruel beings. You are not alone
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FFP Poet Laureate

4224 Posts

Posted - 04/09/2013 :  9:54:44 PMPoems by 1992patricia

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Alice Mae
FFP Poet Laureate

14657 Posts

Posted - 04/10/2013 :  10:02:59 AMPoems by Alice Mae
It happens to the most of us now and then. Some people just don't listen, or have their minds elsewhere, or
just don't care, when one talks. Just express things in your beautiful poems. There are so many nice people here who will listen. God Bless you little Angel. Nice poem, Hugs, sis Mae
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Ennui Go
FFP Poet Laureate

3862 Posts

Posted - 04/14/2013 :  06:30:37 AMPoems by Ennui Go
Your feelings of pain are clear. Feelings can start the healing.
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