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Sad Poetry

boy girl

 boy girl
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with Sad Poetry
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FFP Freshman

United Kingdom
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Posted - 08/28/2010 :  08:28:03 AMthelastslaith's Poems
boy noticed girl
girl saw boy looking
boy smiled
girl smiled 2
boy stopped smiling
girl asked about boy
boy liked girl
girl wanted to know more
boy went to hide
girl kept looking
boy would take peeks of girl
girl would pull boy in
boy would push girl away
girl didnt stop
boy told her to stop
girl didnt lissen
boy was glad he didnt want it to stop
girl shared a problem
boy wanted to help so much
girl let boy help
boy glimpsed the real girl inside
girl could see through boy
boy spoke to girl ever second second he could
girl spoke back with pure words
boy fell for girl
girl didnt know
boy wanted to make girl happy
girl asked boy to be hers
boy was truly happy and said yes
girl was suprised
boy was always hers
girl started to love boy
boy fell in love with girl
girl told boy of her love
boy said really!
girl said again
boy was affraid
girl really loved him
boy spoke his heart and told of his love
girl lissened
boy would do anything for her
girl was everything boy desired
boy was hers forever
girl told boy she cheated
boy felt cheap and unworthy
girl cryed
boy forgave girl
girl hated boy for that
boy couldnt hate girl
girl made boy truly happy
boy tryed to make girl happy
girl dumped boy
boy failed
girl was sorry
boy felt cheap and expendible
girl kept talking to boy
boy kept crying
girl was still nice
boy still wanted girl
girl let boy be a friend
boy tried to be a friend
girl was so nice
boy kept crying but tired so hard to be a good friend
girl asked boy to be hers again
boy asked for only truth
girl told truth
boy was happy for the truth
girl had replaced boy when she dumped him
boy cried he knew he was so easy to replace
girl told boy of her love for him
boy told girl how he loved her more
girl was hurt by this
boy was hurt more he wasnt enough for girl
girl made boy feel better
boy never stopped loving girl
girl kept talking
boy only wanted to lissen
girl made boy feel special
boy wanted even more
girl couldnt give
boy was ok for he loved her still
girl made boy promise to dump her if she cheated
boy didnt know if he could do it
girl was affraid in the night
boy rushed to help in anyway
girl ended up fine
boy paniced
girl paniced
boy was dumb
girl hurt boy alot
boy forgave girl
girl was angry for that
boy loved girl
girl loved boy
boy was happy again
girl was happy again
boy told girl of wishes
girl wanted the same
boy wanted girl forever
girl told boy she wanted another girl
boy felt cheap again
girl didnt care
boy wanted girl to be happy
girl wasnt going to lissen to boy
boy tried to be good
girl didnt want boy
boy tryed to shut up
girl told boy to stop being stupid
boy went to sleep
girl carried on without boy
boy woke up still loving girl so much
girl wasnt there
boy wanted to be with girl
girl didnt
boy kept checking phone
girl was alseep
boy loves girl
girl may hurt boy again
boy will forgive girl
girl may not know
boy still has the thoughts
girl does not know what of
boy thinks of ways to be with the girl now
girl wouldnt let boy try
boy would make people cry with these ways
girl wouldnt like the risk
boy would risk it all for the chance
girl is still asleep
boy loves girl

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FFP Veteran Poet

United Kingdom
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Posted - 08/28/2010 :  10:05:19 AMPoems by cookie16
im sorry love girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not more girls i promice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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