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Broken Family

 Broken Family
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Author Topic

FFP Rookie

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Posted - 09/05/2010 :  10:32:34 AMTenna's Poems
I look up at the picture me my brother
and my mommy.

Hes holding me and were looking
at the camera looking peachy.

I think of now...I think of then...
How come our family's broken ?

How come we are unhappy?

How come my brother doesn't come home no more
and tell me that he loves me.

How come I don't have a dad to tell me
'its gonna be ok sweetie'

Broken Family.

How come we are unhappy?

Why is my family not around me looking
very peachy ?

In that family picture ,we look
really happy.

Brother please come home.

Daddy , please try to be a father.

And Ill try to be a loving sister,
and a loving daughter.

In our family picture ,we look so much

But now were a broken family.

There's only me and mommy.

I don't have a daddy.

My brothers not there for me.

There's only me and mommy because
we have a broken family.

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matt whipple
FFP Rookie

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Posted - 02/26/2011 :  3:09:53 PMPoems by matt whipple
this is a sad poem, i come from a broken family also, and now my son is in a broken family, i didnt understand when i was younger, i understand alot more now though, there is a reason, i wont go into that, because theres really nothing good to say about it, but sometimes its better to be in a broken family, because even if you arent happy, you arent abused either, so sometimes its out of protection, i dont know your familys reasons, but that was mine
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 02/27/2011 :  5:30:29 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Hi Tennna,
Thanks for your poem about your family... Sorry that you have a broken family now...
I'll pray for you. Did you know that you are our new angel sister? I gave you a 10 for the poem because it shows how your heart was so deeply wounded. Keep on writing & we'll keep on reading...

Love, Big Sister, Patty <3 <3 XOXO((((())))) <==<=(@
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 03/01/2011 :  9:15:35 PMPoems by irisheyes
So sorry to read about your broken family. You did well expressing your hurt and pain and my sympathies are with you. Thanks for sharing this. Good job.
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