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My Flaws

 My Flaws
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Author Topic

FFP Veteran Poet

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Posted - 09/08/2010 :  1:47:26 PMxoblackout's Poems

Can you overlook my flaws, and accept me for who I am?
Can you fall in love with me, and call me your friend?
Can you see past all the mistakes I’ve made, can you find something true...
Something you see in me, that you might want to see in you?

Do you see the scars all over me, both inside and out?
Or do you see the beauty, the qualities that I doubt?
Can you make me feel renewed, like I’m something special in this world?
Can you make me feel amazing, perhaps like a rarefied girl?

Can you erase all this pain, the hurt I’ve been through?
Look at my flaws, and not really notice them, too?
Can you spend time with me, and cherish my ways,
Can you sense my insecurities, and send them away?

Can you make me feel safe, my doubts all gone,
Can you show the world, your favorite songs?
Can you take my breath away, can you do something please;
To make me feel better, to keep me at ease?

My flaws overcome me, I feel so small,
I don’t need much, I don’t need much at all;
I just need significance, something to oversee
The flaws and the mistakes that make up me.

Edited by - xoblackout on 04/25/2011 6:21:26 PM

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 09/08/2010 :  2:32:17 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
xo. great poem. Sort of like accept me as I ma. Take the good with the bad.
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FFP Poet Laureate

2681 Posts

Posted - 09/08/2010 :  3:26:42 PMPoems by misznaenae
wow! I cannot wait to fall in love, When im sure ablout it this will definitely be the poem i read to that special someone before i make a commitment! Im going to post this up on my wall lamenated and all(if you dont mind) and wait for that time to come when i can finally read it to someone! This is beautiful! And so real!
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FFP Veteran Poet

149 Posts

Posted - 09/13/2010 :  10:49:19 AMPoems by xoblackout
thanks guys ! i appreciate the feedback.:)
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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 10/15/2010 :  8:57:16 PMPoems by
wow. this poem is AMAZING!
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FFP Poet Laureate

4738 Posts

Posted - 04/25/2011 :  8:00:27 PMPoems by divot
Don't be fooled to thinking, the flaws lay all in you. For those that won't admit there own, shouldn't say much to you. Great insight, a poem worth the read.
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FFP Veteran Poet

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Posted - 04/25/2011 :  8:47:33 PMPoems by darla1118
Wow i love this!!! I think we are all trying to find that one person who can accept us, flaws and all. Great job :)
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FFP Newbie

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Posted - 05/03/2015 :  02:43:35 AMPoems by F4110
So Beautiful!
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