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Poems about Love

I'd do whatever it takes.

 I'd do whatever it takes.
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with Poems about Love
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Author Topic

FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 09/09/2010 :  2:40:19 PMPuFFin's Poems
I'd do whatever it takes,
To tell you,
How sorry I am,
For all my mistakes,

If grabbing you're hand,
To run away,
Is what it takes,
Then I got distance to make,

I'd kiss you,
The second I saw you,
I'd hold you,
The minute my eyes hit you,

You're all I know,
The right path,
To live great,
But the distance kills me,

Do you hear the coast,
Calling our names,
To run away,
Hold you're hand and never let go,

I'd do whatever it takes,
To have you're love,
Face to face,
Even if I'm a mistake,

I wish every day,
For the times we share,
To be the same,
When I believed happiness but now it's fake,

I have one dream,
I hope to create,
The dream,
Where happiness wasn't fake,

To hold you're hand,
At the coast,
Kiss you're lips,
Hold you close,

Take you're hand,
Run away,
To a place,
Where our life's won't make mistakes,

Grab you're hips,
Kiss you're neck,
Make you,
The girl to keep me awake,

I dream enough,
Wishes to miss,
But all together,
We always have another day to make up for our wishes to make,

I've been waiting my whole life,
To find someone so right,
That day I met you,
I told myself,

I'd do whatever it takes.

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 09/09/2010 :  3:45:18 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Puffin, you've obviously been writing a lot and your poems keep getting better and better. Write on.
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 09/30/2010 :  8:28:21 PMPoems by allehs_30
You really have a talent! I wish I can write a poem as often as you do.
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 09/30/2010 :  10:29:30 PMPoems by misznaenae
Puff, mann this one here is beautiful! Gosh! Mann this is pretty. You definitely did whatever it took to make this a work of art!
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 04/05/2012 :  09:47:17 AMPoems by ~xxAlmostxx~
I like it, good job. :) kinda sad though too.
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