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Poems about Love

I'm Forever Yours...Faithfully

 I'm Forever Yours...Faithfully
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with Poems about Love
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Posted - 01/05/2011 :  02:28:06 AMZealous2weezer's Poems
When I look into your eyes
My heart burns until I'm paralyzed
Your gaze haunts my every thought
It drives me to fight for what I want

When I see your smile
You make my heart race for miles
The picture scarred onto my brain
Makes me want to go insane

When I hear you laugh
I tend to want what I can't have
The sound ringing in my ear
Is all I ever want to hear

When I smell your scent
I remember things I should forget
The past that fuels my entire being
Won't let me let go of that feeling

When you are here with me
You don't see what I see
My feelings are not returned
And because of that I'm forever burned

Even still with that fact
I'll always be here to take you back
Wherever my path tends to lead
I know I'll always dream of you and me

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