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show me santa

 show me santa
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FFP Poet Master

649 Posts

Posted - 12/09/2008 :  6:11:04 PMmiccy's Poems
one big smile
yes lets make it real big
so that way no one
and i mean no one
will think anythings wrong

how everything's sweet and perfect
how life is up
to its cheeriest
lets show them
lets show them all

for it should
it should be
for Christmas is here
full of cookies and cakes
full of snow and Santa

look at Santa
all big and jolly
all happy and gay
lets show them Santa
lets show them real big

our smile Santa lets show
lets show our blush
our red Rosy nose
and the twinkle
the twinkle in our eye's

lets show them all
all of the presents
around the tree
the tree that's so full
so full of color

oh Santa help me
help me namename the color
i see red purple blue and green
why there's even gold and silver

lets show them Santa
that everything's ready

the fire's all done
full of warmth
of love

Santa lets show them
lets show them the food
turkey gravy and ham to
even the marshmallows
and the cranberry to

why Santa
look look at my gifts
the big ones mine
the little one to
why Santa their all form you

Santa show me
show me Christmas love

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Ted L Glines
FFP Poet Laureate

1537 Posts

Posted - 12/10/2008 :  07:34:31 AMPoems by Ted L Glines
Miccy, have you sent this one to Marcia for "Christmas Poems" on TWF? If not, you should. Her Christmas section is now up to 3 pages -- all different facets of Christmas, and this poem deserves to be part of that (Marcia would agree)
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FFP Veteran Poet

United Kingdom
246 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2008 :  10:42:54 PMPoems by Swordsman
A lovely Christmas poem that would be perfect in a Christmas card / nice one Miccy
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FFP Poet Master

649 Posts

Posted - 12/17/2008 :  7:15:21 PMPoems by miccy
u think so my teach says so 2 but well i like it better this way
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Wendy Cooper
FFP Poet Laureate

1723 Posts

Posted - 12/24/2008 :  09:05:03 AMPoems by Wendy Cooper
You just keep getting better and better Miccy. This is a very good poem and not just for Xmas.
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FFP Veteran Poet

310 Posts

Posted - 01/06/2009 :  6:39:52 PMPoems by Lonelygirlxoxo
i loved this poem
it's a shame when people stop believing in santa
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FFP Poet Laureate

1810 Posts

Posted - 12/14/2013 :  6:58:36 PMPoems by seagull
Cute !
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