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Poems by Teen Poets

you deserve better

 you deserve better
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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 03/01/2011 :  8:43:17 PMcountrygirl22's Poems
Why dont you feel the way i do?
Why am I not enough for you?
I could give you so much more,
Im the one your looking for,
Give me one chance to make you see,
How much better I can be,
Your up all night because she still hasn't called,
I cant just sit back and watch you fall,
Its easy to see how much she hurts you,
The love she has just cant be true,
She doesnt appretiate what she has,
Maybe its time to her your past,
I dont understand why you keep her around,
When all she does is bring you down,
I can see how shes tearing you apart,
Just come with me and make a new start,
It doesnt always have to be this way,
but im running out of things to say,
You cant let her hurt you forever,
and you can do so much better,
This is my way of showing you how i feel,
So I'll be here when your ready for something real!

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

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Posted - 03/01/2011 :  10:10:32 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Country, great poem. Quite often in life good boy chases after bad girl despite have a good girl right under his nose. I hope he opens his eyes to "something real". Great job.
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 03/01/2011 :  11:48:39 PMPoems by misznaenae
Countrygirl, amazing job. I love the questioning style! I asked these questions many times before...its just a situation that doesnt make sense...until you are in the situation yourself..then it becomes clear why... Great display of emotions. Wanting to come to the rescue of someone you care for... When they are ready to let go they will. Great job!
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FFP Newbie

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Posted - 03/02/2011 :  4:10:39 PMPoems by banned
amazing poem hunny:)
and dont worry tht person if doesnt wnt u can go screw off its there loss
cas everyone is amazing in some place and some way, and if he cant notice that well he looses
and tht one day tht guy will notice ur amazing ness:)
and they will ask u out or be with u
so dw about the jerk, u are sweet u are amazing and one day or anyday guys will be all over u wnting to ask u out, in ur area,
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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 07/27/2011 :  12:41:42 AMPoems by keisha_writer
this is super sweeet and im glad u are willing to fight for the guy u want to be with! :)
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