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Author Topic

FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/06/2011 :  8:02:07 PMTruthfollower's Poems

Many folks that we meet come from different backgrounds.
Sometimes it causes misunderstandings, this I've found.
There are things about words that I just don't understand.
Sometime I mean well but still things can get out of hand.

I guess we all need to realize that this happens to all.
But, I don't want any misunderstanding to build up a wall.
I'm truly sorry for anything I said that was misunderstood.
My intent was not to hurt anyone, I just wanted to do good!

Please forgive me, if I misunderstand something you say.
I hope somehow to learn how to relate & find a better way!
I think different backgrounds & life's events aren't the same.
It causes misunderstanding, & as for me I don't cast any blame.

I just ask forgiveness if I have offended anyone on this site.
I've asked God to help me so everything can turn out right!
God bless you & keep you as you share poems with all of us.
Please forgive me, I don't want any misunderstandings or fuss.

I just want to get along & share my thoughts with you!
I want to understand what is said, in a clear manner too!
I don't want to be hurting you because I'm misunderstanding.
I'm not trying to be a troublemaker or be in any way demanding.

Let's not let misunderstandings come between us as a family.
Because I want you to be who you are, just as I want to be me!
Let's begin again & start fresh as we write poetry & share.
With no more misunderstandings being mixed in with fresh air.

Let's allow the air between us to be fresh & pleasant & clean.
Let's not let any misunderstandings get in & come between.
From this time forth, let's accept words in a loving way!
Then they'll be no misunderstandings, & things will be okay!

Written on March 6, 2011 by Patricia Kubicki

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FFP Veteran Poet

323 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  06:14:43 AMPoems by Armanbloody
Each of us see the world differently and act the way it's make sense to us.
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FFP Poet Laureate

5011 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  07:00:32 AMPoems by refinnej
Patty - Excellent poem & a great message to all on this site.
It is hard to hear peoples expressions in written form sometimes.
And people do take things the wrong way. All I can say is that
when you comment, as long as it's with some compassion, then people
can decide how to take their own comments. You are very sweet and I
don't think anyone should take your comments offensively, I know
I look forward to hearing your feedback. Take Care. God Bless,
You lil' Sis,

Edited by - refinnej on 03/07/2011 07:01:46 AM
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  07:59:53 AMPoems by Truthfollower
Thanks for the feedback Arman,
Yes, that's just what I meant to share on here with this poem...
God bless,
Love, Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  08:03:51 AMPoems by Truthfollower
Do you know you're an angel _ _ _ _ _ _ to my heart?
& I also look forward to reading your comments to my poems too!
You always have such encouraging thoughts to share.

Than you so much, my dear,
Love, Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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FFP Poet Laureate

3445 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  8:32:31 PMPoems by irisheyes
Pattycakes - another fine read you've allowed me to enjoy.
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/07/2011 :  8:58:10 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Beckie, my angel sister,
I'll keep writng them
so you can keep enjoying them
if you'll keep writing them
& sharing them with me!!!
I already know you will too!!!

Love you, Big Sis Patty (Truthfollower) :)
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  4:14:41 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Patty, there's no misunderstanding the meaning behind this poem. A great poem and a fantastic message. Thanks for sharing.
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2011 :  5:06:08 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Thanks Ronnie,
Thanks for reading, & I'm glad that you liked my poem...
Love you, brother,
Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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