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Poems about Family

Granddaughter's First Birthday

 Granddaughter's First Birthday
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with Poems about Family
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FFP Newbie

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Posted - 03/08/2011 :  8:02:01 PMWin's Poems

Candice Dear you are age one
Your Journey on earth just begun
Those who love you see by your eyes
You've come to us so very wise.

With fleeting time you'll soon be grown
Ready to share what you have known.
For, you bring a "Special Gift"
With which to give all a lift..

To share the secret God's Law tells
And better know our spiritual selves
We are family from ages past
Awaiting you joining us at last.

There will be others to share our love
To learn to learn below what is known above.
Inner woven to make us whole
Showing the Good of every Soul.

The wonder of creation to die and live.
Receive life, thus have life to give.
The life cycle goes on and on.
Each so short, all so long.

As you read this, my lovely lady
Remember as I write, you are but a baby.
Your Aunt and Mother born of me
You are special dividend I receive.

I speak to your total being
In ageless, sprititual seeing
Life is wrapped in up and downs
Sadness with Joy forever bound.

Never despair if touched by pain.
Life, promises to pick you up again.

(Dedicated to my Great Grandaughter, Kira. on her First Birthday. She sent me looking for this long lost poem to her mother, written nearly thirty years ago. )

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FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
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Posted - 04/02/2011 :  5:45:17 PMPoems by iceblue66
What a beautiful poem you have written, i have a granddaughter and love her dearly. A wonderful write and im sure she will love it when shes old enough to read it :O) well done i enjoyed this very much
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 04/02/2011 :  7:19:00 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Win, this is absolutely beautiful. What a God imspired and wonderful tribute to your granddaughter. Welcome to the forum. We have recently started a new Spiritual section which is showing amazing results. I do hope you continue to share with us in the future. God bless you and your granddaughter.
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 04/02/2011 :  8:09:35 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Hi Win,
I read your profile so I now know
that you are one of my few older Sisters
on this forum. Most call Big Sis around
here, but from what I read you are my Big
Sis so i must be your Lil' Sis. I do so hope
you join us on the spiritual poem forum side.
There's such a wide variety of excellent poets.
I'm on there too, & I'd love to read your poems
too! I'm more on the spiritual part of this site,
so please do come on over & visit us, you just
might find a place special made for you there...

I gave you a 10 for this poem because I also have
many grandaughters, & this was quite beautiful &
very well written as well. An excellent poem!!!

God bless you, Lil' Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
XOXO <3 <3 ((((())))) <===<==(@
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