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Baking Cookies

 Baking Cookies
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Author Topic

FFP Newbie

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Posted - 03/10/2011 :  1:50:18 PMCarrieHeyes's Poems
Baking Cookies

I was warned that this would happen as I stirred the cookie dough.
“Now, if you eat too much of it, a pain inside will grow.”
I didn’t really listen as the ingredients swirled around.
I took a nip to try it; a better taste could not be found!

I couldn’t stop! I ate and ate… a spoonful here then there.
Before I knew it, most was gone; the bowl was almost bare.
I looked down at my belly. It stuck out beneath my shirt.
And that is when the pain began, the ache - the awful hurt.

“It hurts!” I clutched my tummy as I sat down on the floor.
“Too much!” I cried to everyone. “The cookie dough… no more!”
I moaned as I regretted having taken every bite.
“I should not have eaten all that dough! I know now - you were right!”

There was nothing I could do but wait, the ache would go away.
I knew it must eventually. It couldn’t stay all day.
I sat and waited patiently, and pouted; rubbed my tum.
Then I heard the ding-dong ring… the cookies! They were done!

Well, cookie dough and cookies are two very different things,
For my tummy feels much better once the oven timer rings.
It knows the fix for too much dough is cookies. I am sure.
It doesn’t really make much sense, but b’lieve me it’s the cure!

By Carrie Heyes

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FFP Poet Laureate

4738 Posts

Posted - 03/10/2011 :  2:47:54 PMPoems by divot
I'd probably burn them that way to. cute poem, well done and I don't mean the cookies
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FFP Freshman

81 Posts

Posted - 04/14/2011 :  3:36:04 PMPoems by grownsoul101
lol... i say well done too
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FFP Moderator

12983 Posts

Posted - 07/09/2011 :  3:36:15 PMPoems by Trumpetman
I Like this poem. It feels like
home. Very nice job.
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FFP Poet Laureate

4224 Posts

Posted - 02/17/2012 :  4:19:14 PMPoems by 1992patricia
Funny. Great poem.
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FFP Poet Laureate

1026 Posts

Posted - 02/22/2012 :  7:05:20 PMPoems by Caboverdish
That is just too funny.
Perfect poem for greedy little fingers... Lol
Good job.

Keep writing,
Get inspired.
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Old Soul
FFP Poet Master

670 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2012 :  5:17:16 PMPoems by Old Soul
I love it
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FFP Poet Laureate

1103 Posts

Posted - 03/12/2012 :  7:40:37 PMPoems by lovinglife
How funny. I love cookie dough!!
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FFP Poet Laureate

19085 Posts

Posted - 11/03/2013 :  5:30:40 PMPoems by magicman
This was delightful. Loved it and the rhyme. Well done 10
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FFP Poet Laureate

Saint Barthelemy
4022 Posts

Posted - 11/09/2013 :  08:50:52 AMPoems by Davidf
I love cookie dough, especially in ice cream. But you have to watch it, as you say, you might get an ache. But I am glad the cookies fixed it!
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FFP Poet Laureate

1103 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2013 :  09:37:30 AMPoems by lovinglife
Thanks for sharing your cute poem. I think we all like the cookie dough as much as the cookies! I give you a "10"
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Terry c Lewis
FFP Poet Laureate

12853 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2013 :  9:04:39 PMPoems by Terry c Lewis
Wow the cookie dough must have really been tasty.
Thanks for sharing.

Sis Terry
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FFP Veteran Poet

170 Posts

Posted - 12/20/2013 :  1:40:35 PMPoems by lewderadar
Well Carrie, It says 4830 views for your poem - could it be that the counter has developed a malfunction or that you paid your county to view it?!!!!!

Either way it is a very amusing rhyming poem - I enjoyed the read - nice one.

If that figure is correct then all I can say is that there must be some extremely miserable and selfish viewers since only 11 have bothered to make any comment.

Cheers - Richard.
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Chris Faith
FFP Poet Laureate

1366 Posts

Posted - 12/23/2013 :  10:24:56 PMPoems by Chris Faith
I once wrote a short story titled "Christmas Cookies". A lot of cookies got eaten in that one also.
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