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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 03/13/2011 :  3:41:54 PMmisznaenae's Poems
I dont care where you go from now...
I dont care who you love or even how...
I dont care if youre happy...
Sure dont care if you sad...
I dont care what you want..
I dont care what you had...
I dont care if youre not a virgin anymore..
I dont care....what should i care for?
I dont care if you have a girlfriend...
I dont care if shes in love...
I dont care if your pretending...
I dont care if push has come to shove...
Read my glossy pink lips!
I dont give a crap...
If you fall of a bridge!
I dont give a crap if youre stuck on a let you hang because i dont care!
I dont care that you left me... Because that was your mistake...
I dont care that youre stupid for God's sake!
Geez get it through your stupid brain...
I dont get butterflies off your name!
Read my lips... And be aware...
Sweetheart i nolonger care!
Hear it once theres no playback...
Anything concerning you....
I dont give a crap!

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FFP Poet Master

511 Posts

Posted - 04/06/2011 :  11:24:55 AMPoems by monkeys1234
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FFP Poet Laureate

2681 Posts

Posted - 04/15/2011 :  12:58:26 PMPoems by misznaenae
lol thanks ... reading it now its like..okkk?? what was i thinking? lol but thanks for your time and your comment!
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FFP Moderator

4820 Posts

Posted - 04/16/2011 :  6:24:01 PMPoems by keisha_writer
u know what i think u were thinking? i don't care! and i love it! i feel like that right now! so awesome renee! :D
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FFP Poet Laureate

1252 Posts

Posted - 04/17/2011 :  05:14:14 AMPoems by SceneSixx
"Sweetheart I Nolonger Care!" Best Line. This Is Great I Love When People Can Just Get Over Someone And Relise That They Made The Mistake Amazing Write misznaenae:)
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FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
1194 Posts

Posted - 07/21/2013 :  12:28:38 PMPoems by blaquemask
clap clap awesome poem Love It great poem
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David Randrup
FFP Veteran Poet

New Zealand
273 Posts

Posted - 07/23/2013 :  05:32:56 AMPoems by David Randrup
I agree with SceneSixx, fantastic lines. well done, awesome write! :)
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