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Sad Poetry

a boy fighting cancer

 a boy fighting cancer
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with Sad Poetry
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Author Topic

FFP Newbie

United Kingdom
8 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2011 :  6:25:30 PMzoe36's Poems
[u]a little boy fighting cancer[u]

what is life for a five year old boy
fighting cancer by himself
to him its just a stanger in his body
he dont know he is in danger.

he screams out in pain every nite
he has to keep up the fight
as he walks around with a drip in his arm
and a smile on his face
he is just the boy ready to win the race.

he has lost his bright coloured hair
as his mum realises life isent fair
for him life is just a bore
one day he will score.

see the fear in his eyes
and his shaking body on the bed
is he really alive ?
a cure should be found
so he doesent suffer another hard round of chemo !

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2011 :  7:43:19 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Zoe, first I'd like to welcome you to the forum and then I would like t thank you for sharing this poem. Although it is a terrible injustice a five year old should have to suffer this the message was received loud and clear. I hope you continue to share with us in the future.
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2011 :  7:44:10 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Zoe, My sweet Lil' angel Sis,

I agree that a cure should be found for cancer.
That was what attacked my Steve, not once, but 3 times.
What he went through was unbelievable. When it happens
when they are kids really is horrific too!!! I just
can't go there right now, but you sure deserve a 10
for sharing this poem with us.

You have a tender heart to write on this subject.
I'm writing about my son's journey & I find it still
very difficult to do... I'm gonna finish it though...

Keep sharing, you have a really sad poem here though...

Love, Big Sis, Patty (Truthfollower)
XOXO <3<3 ((((())))) <===<==(@
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FFP Moderator

13024 Posts

Posted - 03/13/2011 :  7:57:21 PMPoems by Trumpetman
Welcome and thank you for sharing. What
a difficult thing to deal with. I can't
imagine.God bless you.

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FFP Newbie

United Kingdom
8 Posts

Posted - 03/16/2011 :  1:56:38 PMPoems by zoe36
thank you everyone for surporting me and hope
that many of you or your family with cancer fight through it god bless
you all and i will keep in touch in the near future x
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FFP Veteran Poet

396 Posts

Posted - 03/16/2011 :  4:37:01 PMPoems by Jenny
Welcome Zoe,
So sorry to hear this sad story. Have hope and we will be thinking of this little boy fighting in oour prayers. You are a brave girl to write this poem. I hope to hear more from you. Jenny
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FFP Newbie

United Kingdom
8 Posts

Posted - 03/17/2011 :  12:38:53 PMPoems by zoe36
aww thank you he is many people prayers =) and you will hear from me zoe x
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FFP Poet Master

701 Posts

Posted - 03/18/2011 :  2:20:18 PMPoems by Sasha17
A very sad and tender poem. Kids should never have to deal with illness. It is just not right!
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FFP Poet Master

623 Posts

Posted - 03/18/2011 :  4:31:38 PMPoems by Rooja95
Zoe, I would like to welcome you to the forum:)
you have one sad poem here and it just hit the check pot in my hart from the first line
your one strong girl
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FFP Poet Master

664 Posts

Posted - 03/18/2011 :  9:20:29 PMPoems by lover2morrow
:( i never thought about a little boy having it.. just older people. pobrecito pequeno chico! (poor little boy)
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FFP Newbie

United Kingdom
8 Posts

Posted - 03/19/2011 :  2:50:42 PMPoems by zoe36
thank you all for your kind words and iam stayin strong for his sake
and days go by and i still wonder what time will tell
i know i never believed it could happen to children till it did =/ love to you all x
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