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Sad Poetry

Gone but will never be forgotten

 Gone but will never be forgotten
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with Sad Poetry
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Posted - 03/31/2011 :  12:58:29 AMlturagasauC's Poems

Dad, never a day goes by that I never thank God for your life
You are gone but never forgotten,

You were the one true and faithful servent i've ever known
Yes you are gone, but will never be forgotten,

Dad, you taught us how to live an honest life in this world
You are gone, but will never be forgotten,

Since I was a little girl, you prayed over my life,
So that i will be protected by the Lord at all times
You are gone but will never be forgotten

Lately I've been thinking about The life you lived when you were here with us on earth;It makes me realize that you have FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, YES YOU HAVE PAVED THE WAY for our lives...
My dear and loving father Keasi Turagasau, You are gone but will never be forgotten

How I became the person i am today, it was because of your obedience to the calling of God in your life, to preach His Good News everywhere and anywhere The Lord guided you to...

Many souls you have touched and many many more you have led them to Christ....Your arrival in Heaven is surely Heaven's gain....
My wonderful dad, you are gone but will never be forgotten.

Even though it's been a year since you've been gone
Your Beautiful wife is still missing you every single day she lives...
Daddy you are gone but will never be forgotten

You always taught us to love those that have done us wrong,
We couldn't understand what it all meant until the day you left us here on earth....
Yes Daddy, you are gone but will never be forgotten

You were a man with very few words, and never put yourself above everyone else....(Humble man of God)
You were a fighter a Warrior always for The Lord, and always for the Right Cause....
Yes are gone but will never be forgotten.

Today....I'm just simply crying inside also without tears, a broken heart like mine will never easily dissapear Simply because I am missing my father me he was so dear

Lord I pray, asking you today to watch over me, my household and friends....Keep us in your will and remind us each day, that those great memories of our loving father has paved the way; Only to make us better people living in this dying world today...

Please Lord, say Hi to my Daddy for me once again...I pray....
Thank you Lord for giving us our Dad....
My darling, loving, wonderful, and faithful father....

Yes...even though you are gone away ....but daddy, your memories will still remain

i love u Dad.

--lili turagasau c.

Edited by - lturagasauC on 03/31/2011 01:00:34 AM

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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 03/31/2011 :  05:41:47 AMPoems by Truthfollower
Hi Lil' Angel Sister Lili,

What a beautifully expressed
memorial poem for your Dad!!!
I gave you a 10 because it was
so heartfelt & touching. You
did a great tribute to your
Dad. Thank you for sharing it
with us.
It would be nice if you came
to visit us on the spiritual
poetry aprt of this site. Your
poem would fit in well.

God bless you,
Love, Big Sis, Patty :)
XOXO ((((())))) <3 <3 <===<==(@
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