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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 04/09/2011 :  5:06:11 PMShadowsCool's Poems
I saw a great vision, a searing sky opened up,
All attention gathered, all souls were called
From all corners of earth, the air, the seas,
Nothing was left untouched
As the seas whipped mightily
And great ships rolled under giant waves.

I saw in the sky a great white ball
A rolling flame of fire
As heavens opened up
And a loud boom shook the earth from it's core.

Then I saw terrified hearts that hungered
For peace and security
But none was to be found
As the great bell rang of a rippling charge
And all freedom that lay upon the earth was no more
As mortals great and small where shed of will.

They were standing and some crawling
Out of graves with graven faces
And bones with shreds of flesh even being able to walk
As days of old were not to be found anywhere upon the earth
For even the clouds shed their moisture
As earth became reduced to a ball of dust.

And one by one they gathered, half dead beings,
Bones of old, souls with no bodies,
Facing verdicts and being cast off into the new earth,
With old fears becoming new tears as the great tribulation began.

Edited by - ShadowsCool on 05/24/2011 7:30:28 PM

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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 04/09/2011 :  5:11:12 PMPoems by Truthfollower

Hi SC,
Had to give you a 10 for your holy
boldness in putting this poem on here as you did.

I may not agree with the total picture you
have painted but your daring is second to none.

God bless you,

I do love you brother as a sister in Christ,

Love, Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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FFP Poet Laureate

5773 Posts

Posted - 04/09/2011 :  11:25:58 PMPoems by ShadowsCool
Revelation is book based on future revelation of Jesus Christ. Much is made of a future tribulation. The actual tribulation. Though we are and have been in one for quite some time. I base this poem on that. Thanks for reading Patty :)
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 04/10/2011 :  09:39:36 AMPoems by Truthfollower

Oh, SC,
thanks brother for explaining that to me,
now it fits perfectly!!! It makes sense to me now.
Still have to commend you on the way you did this
poem though...
Great write... LOVED IT!!!

Love, Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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