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Author Topic

FFP Veteran Poet

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Posted - 04/27/2011 :  6:50:40 PMPintoStorm's Poems

The icy winter winds,
Brought us a gift.
A gift of cold, pure joy.

Something that is valued, cherished,
Absolutely adored.
Can't be ignored, by any girl or boy.

Gently drifting from the sky,
These are snowflakes,
Winter's gift to you and I.

They bring memories with them,
Snow days, snow fights,
Their joy will never die.

In ones or twos,
Maybe threes and fours,
Snowflakes make their way to earth.

Where they'll be shoveled,
Tossed, toyed with and more.
All the while, delivering a child's mirth.

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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 05/05/2011 :  10:06:24 PMPoems by SeriStarlight
I freaking love snow. This poem makes me happy :)
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 05/06/2011 :  04:41:34 AMPoems by Truthfollower
Surely, Pinto, my sweet Lil' Angel Sis,

Surely, snow is a gift from God. He covers
the ground with His soft white blanket of
purity showing us what He is trying to do
in our hearts & lives.
Thank you for this simple yet beautiful poem.

I gave it a 10 because it is very nice reading too!!!

Love you my dear, Big Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
XOXO <3 <3 ((((())))) <===<==(@

Edited by - Truthfollower on 05/06/2011 04:51:09 AM
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FFP Veteran Poet

417 Posts

Posted - 05/06/2011 :  11:40:44 PMPoems by PintoStorm
Thank you Big sis Patty... I love the way you just described snow even in comment. I'm glad you liked reading it :)

Love, little sis Pinto
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