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Spiritual Poetry

The Holy Trinity

 The Holy Trinity
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Author Topic

Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2011 :  12:19:11 PMRonnie Doe's Poems
When the Irish people of Ireland couldn't comprehend the three in one theory of The Holy Trinity, St. Patrick picked up a shamrock to show them one leaf with three different entities. Although a mystery, the Holy Trinity is something all Christian's believe (or should) believe in.

The Holy Trinity

Awesome story, full of glory
Called The Holy Trinity
Since days of old, it has been told
To Christian folks like you and me

Based on belief, with love and grief
I am humbled I can share it
Without a doubt, it is about
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

You really must, have faith and trust
Because it is mysterious
Open your ears, relieve your fears
Be willing to become fearless

Open your eyes, picture dark skies
God’s crying in Heaven above
He’s sad that man can’t understand
His compassion, mercy and love

Instead of wrath and a blood bath
He decides He’ll come down to earth
Tells an Angel named Gabrielle
To ask Mary is she'll give birth

You must believe, His Son’s conceived
An Immaculate Conception
In a stable with no label
Humble birth with no reception

As Jesus grows, His greatness shows
At twelve he is teaching others
When His time comes, God’s will is done
Preaches love to all His brothers

In Galillee, upon the sea
Starts recruiting "fishers of men"
Back of an ass, with pride and class
He rides into Jerusalem

In the Temple, His example
Was humility, peace and love
Beatitudes helped set the mood
For the joy in Heaven above

But after this, the story twists
By a kiss the Lord is betrayed
Phony smiles, a mock trial
The greed of Judas is displayed

The price it cost, upon a Cross
The Lord Jesus was crucified
Upon His death and final breath
Disciples thought all hope had died

The plot thickens, as they’re sickened
The Lord comes to the room they’re in
He is not dead, for as He said
On the third day I’ll rise again

Knowing their blue, “Peace be with you
Jesus says to His Disciples
Doubting Thomas, solemn promise
I’m a voice nobody stifles

I am the Lord, go Spread the Word
Be courageous when you share it
Because with thee, the Trinity
Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Edited by - Ronnie Doe on 12/18/2012 7:49:56 PM

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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2011 :  12:31:24 PMPoems by Truthfollower

Another 10 Brother Ronnie

for this beauty of a poem!!!

You have to know I LOVED IT!!!

Keep em coming, they're all soo
good, I love reading them too!!!

Love, Big Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2011 :  12:41:09 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Thank you Patty, enjoyed writing between last night and this morning. (As I do all religious poems)
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Terry c Lewis
FFP Poet Laureate

12853 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2011 :  6:25:04 PMPoems by Terry c Lewis
That was an amazing poem, retelling the story of Jesus and his last days and his disciples
and his mother Mary, and in rhyme. I loved it, it was just amazing.
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 06/08/2011 :  9:02:05 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Terry, thanks alot for taking the time to read and comment. Very much appreciated.
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FFP Newbie

0 Posts

Posted - 06/14/2011 :  9:29:49 PMPoems by farossano
This reminds me of a traditional story telling poem-song the way traveling minstralls would have performed in Mideval times. You have great lyricism, it really flows. I can tell you love the subject!/faro
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 06/15/2011 :  2:07:05 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
faro, thanks you very much for taking the time to read and comment on this. Much appreciated.
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FFP Poet Laureate

5773 Posts

Posted - 05/27/2012 :  10:52:49 PMPoems by ShadowsCool
This is my favorite spiritual poem by you Ronnie.
It was just a blessing to read. To know how you explained
that God came in Flesh as promised and died as promised
and rose again. It's just an amazing story that one cannot
fully wrap their minds upon. I know it's a familiar story; but
one that when you ponder, can't comprehend the startling power
it contains.

Edited by - ShadowsCool on 05/27/2012 10:54:59 PM
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Tia Mihr
FFP Poet Laureate

2918 Posts

Posted - 05/27/2012 :  11:29:44 PMPoems by Tia Mihr
Ronnie, absolutely amazing poem. So cleverly written, no wonder you are such a great poet.
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 05/28/2012 :  4:21:02 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Mike, to say it's your favorite spiritual poem of mine is a compliment I truly appreciate. God bless, Ronnie
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 05/28/2012 :  4:22:05 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Tia Mihr, you and Mike have humbled me with back to back compliments which I truly appreciate. God bless, Ronnie
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Poetic DJ
FFP Poet Laureate

3093 Posts

Posted - 12/19/2012 :  08:11:53 AMPoems by Poetic DJ
This is absolutely GREAT! I relished each stanza so much that I had to read this Poem twice. Very! Very! Nice.
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Alice Mae
FFP Poet Laureate

14582 Posts

Posted - 12/19/2012 :  08:53:14 AMPoems by Alice Mae
Beautiful!!! What more can I tell you, but Excellent words!!
I give you 10+ on this great poem and perfect picture.
Hugs, Merry Christmas and God Bless always!! Sis Alice Mae
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