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Poems about Love

" I Want You To Know"

 " I Want You To Know"
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with Poems about Love
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Author Topic

FFP Freshman

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Posted - 09/27/2011 :  9:24:02 PMvparker's Poems
I want you to know exactly how I feel,
when I think of you I can't be still.
I love you with all my heart and soul,
and darling I just don't feel whole.

I want to be with you and I want you
to know this too.
I want this all to be right,
when I tell you how I feel tonight.

You are my shining star, why do you
have to be so far.
I miss you so much and wish I could
still feel your touch.
I still don't know if you wanna be with me,
I wish that was something I could see.

But i don't because you don't say a word,
or at least not that I have heard.
You don't speak up at all or even try to call.
You have got to know how much I care, because I tell
you everyday. Even when I'm not sure what to say.

I Love You and that I promise.
You are everything to me and hope now you can see.
I need you to tell me how you feel,
every feeling let it be real.
I need to know where we stand, do you
want to be my man.
Or listen to what people have to say,
tell me now I need to know today.

I don't want you to lie, because I
don't want to cry.
Just tell me the truth I need to know,
because you never let your feelings show.
I don't want to be hurt, but if that's how it is
I will let you go, just tell me I need to know.

Every word I said is exactly how I feel,
and everything is completely real.
I still have so much to say but I want tell you today.
I just want to hear it from you, tell me today
do you love me too.

If you don't I will be okay, I will try and
find away.
I will never forget your face and no one
can ever take your place.
Because I love you from the bottom of my heart,
So tell me now where do we start?



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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21316 Posts

Posted - 09/27/2011 :  9:53:49 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
V, you always should try to finish what you start especialy when it comes to your heart. I hope the answers you're longing to hear are the answers that you get. Great poem.
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FFP Freshman

76 Posts

Posted - 09/29/2011 :  08:46:05 AMPoems by vparker
You are right. Thank You
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FFP Poet Laureate

2160 Posts

Posted - 09/29/2011 :  09:06:41 AMPoems by G.Y.C.
A very meaningful poem, I wish that you'll be happy soon with that someone you love.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem and welcome to the forum:)
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FFP Rookie

United Kingdom
38 Posts

Posted - 09/29/2011 :  10:44:56 AMPoems by Aswathi22
very nice you have done a great job

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FFP Veteran Poet

168 Posts

Posted - 09/30/2011 :  11:05:53 AMPoems by shamylove
this is vey amazing its so adorable <3 nice work honey
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FFP Freshman

76 Posts

Posted - 09/30/2011 :  11:10:54 AMPoems by vparker
Thank You Very Much:)
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FFP Poet Master

654 Posts

Posted - 03/23/2012 :  2:59:44 PMPoems by ~xxAlmostxx~
I love this poem so much, really relate to it, definitely adding it to my favorites, :) amazing write,
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FFP Freshman

76 Posts

Posted - 03/23/2012 :  3:11:38 PMPoems by vparker
thank you very much
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