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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 06/04/2009 :  1:48:46 PMTasha's Poems

As the door closes I am left on the other side,
You do not know how I feel on the inside.

Empty and full all at the same time,
I feel like I am going out of my mind.

No help from you is what I get,
At times you make me have so much regret.

You never ask how I feel or if there is anything I need,
You worry about yourself and the rest is up to me.

I did not make these children all on my own,
And I am getting tired of sitting here alone.

You walk out the door anytime you chose,
Me, no I have to put on three sets of socks and shoes.

It is time you started taking some responsibility for the lives you created with me,
I love our children with all my heart, but sometimes I need to just breathe

You act like you are not even in the room everytime they mess or fight,
And is up to me to walk in a determine whose wrong or right.

I wish you would just help me more than you do,
I know that you work but a family requires more than that from you.

They need your time, patience, love and giving,
And for you to realize there is more to living.

Family is important and I do not want them to look back one day,
And say "well I didn't do much with Dad because he was always to busy to play."

"He seemed like he always had something more important to be done,
Then sit and waste his time doing things with his daughter and his son."

It is getting to where I am no longer happy anymore,
And you wonder why I do not smile like before.

Look at the way you treat me and the things that you say,
Sometimes it truly blows me away.

How you can love me and hate me all at the same time,
In one breath "I'm beautiful" in the next "Hateful words I do not want to write."

But you expect me to be smiling and in such a good mood,
When I do everything for you down to serving you your food.

There is nothing you ask of me that I do not do,
But yet it seems I can do nothing right for you.

A little appreciation would go a long way,
Is it really that hard once in awhile say thanks?

I just wish that it didn't seem that I am so bad in your eyes,
But when I think of the things you say I just start to cry.

Do you know how it feels to be in a room of people but feel so alone?,
Just standing there smiling but do not care what is going on?

Just wanting to crawl out of your own skin,
Because you can't stand the person you are within?

Being so degraded by the person who is suppose to put you before others?
I guess I am just drowning in the shadow of another.

I have gotten so caught up in what everyone else needs,
I just decided to forget about me.

I Put all my hopes and dreams aside,
So that I could be what you wanted me to be, But now I don't feel alive.

Just numb and useless, day in and day out,
Here but not, Just screams and shouts.

I have forgotten myself along the way,
And I can not stand the person that I am today.

There just has to be more to life than this,
I sit and try to figure out what it is.

As I lay here alone every night,
I wonder what a real life might be like.

One where your husband encourages you to be all that you can,
And will help once in awhile if you ask him to lend a hand.

Looking out in the back yard to see him playing with his kids,
So when they get older they will have memories of him.

But I know like always, when you read this you'll laugh,
Tell me I am stupid and that this poem is a joke,
But this is how I feel, all of these words that I have spoke.

I have gotten so use to your hurt, I do not feel anymore,
So go ahead and smile and laugh,
Because I am not the girl in my past.

The one that smiled just out of the blue,
was always joking and happy to.

She is lost, broken and mislead,
You might as well say that girl is dead,

So I am here just a shadow of what once was,
When she felt like she could do anything, when she felt like she was loved.

Looking into the hateful eyes of the other,
She had been drowned in the shadow of another.

So go ahead and leave her behind,
She just wanted you to know what was on her empty mind.

Oh before I go by the way,
There is one last thing I needed to say...........

You do not have to worry about what your kids are doing or where I am at.
Because you left us behind again at the welcome mat.

Natasha M. Jordan

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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 11/01/2009 :  12:28:13 PMPoems by Sasha17
I can see that you have lost the sense of who you are. I feel for you and what you are going through. You have to make a change to way things are because no-one should be treated like this.

A very emotionally, well written poem.
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 11/01/2009 :  9:20:48 PMPoems by twildone12
This is an amazing poem. well done, its very emotional, i could feel the pain you went through. i am sorry to hear that is how he treated you and your children no father should do that. In my father eyes i am invisible since he got remarried. I am not really there, and he always wants me to be like same, he doesnt talk about me anymore he talks about his new family and forgets about me. I am sorry.

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FFP Freshman

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Posted - 05/13/2010 :  06:11:16 AMPoems by SumiG
That was a truly amazing poem, but I am sorry you had to go all this. I hope some day, some way, you find yourself, a person that cherishes that self, and new reasons to smile. God bless
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