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Poems for and about Women

feeling worthless

 feeling worthless
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Posted - 06/04/2009 :  2:14:38 PMTasha's Poems

I hate the way you look at me like I am not even there,
The look in your eyes shows no emotion or care.

I hate the way you talk to me like I am so beneath you,
I try to do everything you want me to do.

I hate the way you look at me like I am made of a glass pane,
Although I am shattered and broken I try to hold my tears from falling like rain.

I hate the things you say about me like I am not in the room,
You think in my hand should always be a rag and a broom.

I hate the fact you think that you are better than me,
You are the one who made me into this person I've come to be.

I hate the way you give me rules like I am your child,
Never let me out of you sight for longer than a little while.

I hate the things you think about me and all of the questions that you ask,
Leave it where it belongs the past is the past.

I hate that you do not take me anywhere,
It's like you are embarrassed of me so you rather me not be there.

I hate the way you say I can do nothing right,
And how most of our time spent is in an argument or fight.

I hate that you talk down to me and try to call me out,
But if I say something back to you I'm just running my mouth.

I hate the fact that I can not be the perfect person you want me to be,
I would give up my own life if I knew it would make you happy.

I hate that you think I should wait on you everyday,
But I ask one simple thing of you and you never go out of your way.

I hate the way you love me because it doesn't feel like you do at all,
You are suppose to be the one I can rely on to catch me if I fall.

I hate the way you look at me with all the hate in your eyes,
Like I have completely and purposely ruined your whole life.

I hate that you blame everything on me,
Sometimes I just wish you would tell me to leave.

I hate the way you do not pay attention to anything I say,
But I still make myself believe you will change one day.

I hate that you do not spend any time with our kids,
You are to busy for them in the life you live.

I hate that I sit here and think of all these things to say,
While you are out having a good time and at home I always stay.

I hate that you think women are suppose to wait on men,
My vows were to be your wife, not your slave until the end.

I hate that everything I say seems so stupid to you,
You make fun of me constantly for everything I do.

I hate the way you complain about all the things I do,
I'm sorry I'm not perfect I could never be like you.

I hate that you are so overly jealous and controlling of me,
I deserve a life to I can't be who you want me to be.

I hate when you say I love you because I know it is a lie,
And everyday all I want to do is cry.

I hate that you throw so many slams I need an umbrella,
I'm sorry but I'm done being your Cinderella.

I hate all of this hate that I have inside,
Everyday I feel like more of me has died.

I hate the fact, I just wish that you would see,
That the truth is I hate myself, I hate being me.

Natasha M. Jordan

Edited by - Tasha on 06/04/2009 10:51:56 PM

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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 11/26/2009 :  08:29:15 AMPoems by starsabby
i am hating to love this poem as much as i am loving it...i read t 3 times already...gr8 work!
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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 07/02/2010 :  03:17:13 AMPoems by Tasha
Thank you very much for liking my writing. I have done it since I have been a little girl and it is still my way of dealing with my feelings at 29. It gives you the feeling of "telling someone" how you feel.

Edited by - Tasha on 07/02/2010 03:17:35 AM
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FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
1109 Posts

Posted - 07/02/2010 :  08:20:06 AMPoems by iceblue66
great poem Tasha it was like reading about myself in my marriage and how i felt. i got out of mine when it got too much and yes its a way of telling someone how you feel.again a really good poem well done , and keep writing as they are really good
best wishes Blue x
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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 05/24/2011 :  8:59:59 PMPoems by Trumpetman
Good writing. I'm sorry about the tough
stuff in your life. I pray it will change.
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Aamir Khatri
FFP Newbie

1 Posts

Posted - 10/06/2011 :  01:25:26 AMPoems by Aamir Khatri
Hi Natasha i am artist i would like to dedicate my art series "WOMEN FEELINGS" to your poetry, "TRUTH, I HATE" when i read thie beautiful and painful poetry about feelings of wife to her husband, i forget all the things, please see my "WOMEN FEELINGS" artworks at the link written below,
my email is (
Aamir Khatri
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 10/06/2011 :  05:25:31 AMPoems by Truthfollower

Hi Lil Angel Sis, Tasha,

This gets a HUGE 10 for the powerful truths it brings out
concrning what this woman is going through. I sure hope it
isn't you. I will pray for you if it is, you can be sure I
will do it too!!!
Thank you for sharing this with us. Perhaps marriage is
Like this for many people. I also had a bad first marriage,
& God then brought me into a lovely marriage with my Ted.
He is a precious, & I mean precious gift from God to my life.
So don't give up hope, ladies, God hears your prayers...

Love, Big Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
XOXO ((((())))) <3 <3 <===<==(@ XOXO
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FFP Veteran Poet

121 Posts

Posted - 11/18/2012 :  10:11:08 PMPoems by ilove7kids
A hundred things for certain, hundred things for sure. That man isn't worth your time....I'm sixteen, and I've been through some very very confusing and distressing things my ENTIRE life. And Untill now I realized that it was mostly because of my parents, my father was doing his own thing, and I was so dependent on my mother forevery thing as a child.When you grow up, you're automatically vulnerable to some ones care, your emotions automatically stick to them, but, the sad part about it is that, they may not feel the same way about you. Why? because they are distracted trying to please some man, while you're doing that, someone else is influencing your child while you only have little influence or any, based on how much time your children stay away from your influence. What i'm trying to say is, draw close to those children, they are your strength and your strong hold besides god, think about how you felt when you were a child, perhaps you can examine better how you should make their lives flexible. Because I tell you one thing, I had none of that, my father was chasing other women and my mother struggled with me on her own. And alot happened to me, think about how many secrets you kept from your mother or father, imagine how many secrets your children can be keeping from you today?
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Tia Mihr
FFP Poet Laureate

2918 Posts

Posted - 02/27/2013 :  3:06:09 PMPoems by Tia Mihr
wow such an intense poem but feelings that are so real and ones i can relate to.
great poem....
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