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Poems by Teen Poets

ride or die.

 ride or die.
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Posted - 02/15/2012 :  11:08:59 PMAdorèKass_xo's Poems
My heart is yours,
you should have known that from the start.
You let me go after we been through it all..
There was never a time where,
I wouldn't have done for you as for all you have done.

My world crashes down,
You want me to save you again but I can't.
This pain is unbearable.
Never knew we'd get caught.
I should have saved you,
All I could of did was, told you.
Now it's like I can't be a whole,
Without y o u.

You knew I was with you,
From thick to thin.
Even when I lied in the courtroom, just to keep you
In ... h e r e ... with m e.

But when does the madness stop?
I love you,
But then you go..
You say it won't be long,
And to wait for you to come out.
But it's too much to take.

You are,
Like strings to my guitar
Tampering on my fragile heart.
Who knows what's going to be next?
I sleep with my head under the sheets,
Because I'm scared of what's next.

Like staring at the hour glass,
half full - half empty of our painful adventure,
All the sleepless night in the king sized bed.
And I was always terrified like children are,
Of the monsters hiding beneath their bed.

I know your scared too..
We both are, but who to run to?
I love you enough, to live in misery every now and then.
And that's the scariest part..

Never know when they'll release you.
We grew up in the roughest town, and you stayed in the courtroom.
I was always there too,
Because I was young and stupid
and also because you were my boo..

Never would have let a damn thing happen, to you..
But you make your own decisions sometimes,
And it took a toll on me.
You are my love,
and as long as your locked down,
I am too.

The pain hurts like hell,
But its worth it for you..
Its a l l worth it for y o u.

Its all worth it to see your glistening smile;
To dream of our future.
Growing up, you were my support.
You told me, right from wrong like my father did too.
You gave me the best words when I wanted to go.
You told me baby, don't cut,
Unless your willing for your scars to show.
You wiped tears from my eyes when they fell hard,
Like downpours from the cloudy sky.
And I used to get on my knees, and ask god why?!

But now I know what we did was wrong..
Once you turned 18, you were legally a grown man.
I was still young and that was something unplanned.
We were going to just be friends but our love
was like basketball to the hoop.
Everytime you came in it was a 3 pointer
going swooosh.

And it was all because of you.

I remember our first kiss like the back of my hand.
We were at a party, and me&you were the only ones who danced.
You grabbed my waist,
I felt it then...
you were the only boy who could make the butterflies,
in my stomach fly!
you gave me the more powerful outlook on love.
You were like my drug,
we needed each other like we lived off of each others supply.

I swear I could never get enough of your love.
And i'll never look for it, anywhere else.
... N E V E R look for it anywhere else.

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