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Poems by Teen Poets

Don't Stop Loving Me

 Don't Stop Loving Me
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Posted - 06/18/2009 :  9:29:19 PMkeisha_writer's Poems
I just felt,
The coldest chill,
My whole body,
Just thinking about,
Losing what we have,
You feel so far away,
But you live so...
Close to me,
Close to my home,
Close to my heart,

Please, please,
Don't stop loving me,
I don't mean,
To sound,
Or needy,
But I can't,
Stop loving you,
No matter what,
My parents say,
No matter what,
My mom may think,

Don't stop loving me,
I want to kiss you,
I want to hold you,
I want to make,
Love to YOU...
Why can't you,
Love me as much,
As I love you,
As I write this,
My tears are,
Fighting to fall,
From my eyes,
Thinking of all,
The pain and,
Heartache I feel,

The only friend,
I can depend on,
Besides GOD,
Is are,
My best friend,
I might be naive,
I might be a fool,
But I know how,
I truly feel,
About you...
Keith Jamar James,

I will need,
Plenty of therapy,
To get over you,
So quickly,
Cause I love you,
No matter the,
Obstacles we,
Have faced,
We can get,
Through them,

When I'm with you,
I feel so good inside,
I think about you,
All the time,
Do you have,
ANY of that,
Going on?
Please answer me,
I need to know,
How you feel,
If we are on,
The same page,
Your love,
Knocked me down,
Now I can't,
Get back up,
Without you,
So you can help me,
Get back on,
My feet again,

When we kiss,
And I taste,
Your sweet,
Delicious lips,
And look into,
Your soft, loving,
Brown eyes...
And feel your,
Soft baby,
Chocolate skin,
I feel our love,
Now it's slowly,
Burning down,
In fiery flames,

Are you afraid,
To love me?
To feel REAL love?
When we are as one,
NO ONE can touch us,
It's so strong,
So powerful,
People can't,
Stand it,
They hate,
Seeing our love,
Blossum and grow,
I want to show you,
ALL my love,
Give all your,
love to me,
Just please,
You do...

Edited by - keisha_writer on 06/18/2009 10:41:14 PM

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Posted - 06/18/2009 :  10:27:16 PMPoems by PBPrettyPinkPunk
I love this poem!!!!!!!
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Ronnie Doe
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Posted - 06/19/2009 :  12:24:45 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Keisha, like I always say, writing is the best therapy. It keeps you in touch with yourself and your feelings. Another great job. Ronnie
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