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Poems about Love

The Reason Behind My Smile

 The Reason Behind My Smile
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with Poems about Love
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Posted - 06/15/2012 :  6:37:17 PMash18mar19's Poems
Out of the darkness and into the light...he guided me to love.

The Reason Behind My Smile

For many years it was upside down,
what's now a smile was but a frown.
Life had dealt me many blows,
but some say..."that's how life goes."

People I trusted turn their backs,
after I helped them all without any flack.
But there is another truth be told,
and that is Karma will come two-fold!

Just when I thought that my light had dwindled,
into the smallest fume without hope of rekindle,
that crack in my wall shown the brightest of beams,
a heavenly sight...the man of my dreams.

Out of the blue into my world he stepped,
and with open arms prepared to accept,
me and my life with unconditional love,
never had I met a man I was so in awe of.

My warrior of life, my true love no doubt,
he came to me when I couldn't figure life out.
And now it makes perfectly clear,
his heart and soul is what I hold so dear.

Our love is one that's been destined from the start,
finally finding each other...we shall not part.
Forever is what our souls had in mind,
when they first met in another time.

Placing the smile back on my face,
a trait of his that can never be replaced.
He has filled my heart with unequivocal love,
and the darkness where I dwelled...I'm finally free of.

My love, my life, my forever more,
smiles run abundantly not a one could ignore.
We were meant to live life how it was meant to be,
soul to soul for an eternity.

So thus is the reason behind my smile,
and I find that reason to be so worthwhile.
To smile is to love and loving is pure joy,
so a love like ours can never be destroyed.

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Posted - 06/19/2012 :  5:40:12 PMPoems by Whiskurz
Beautifully penned my friend......Whisk
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