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Poems about Love

Lets start again

 Lets start again
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with Poems about Love
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FFP Newbie

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Posted - 07/28/2009 :  9:54:54 PMtobrien's Poems
Love can be like an open fire
It needs to be nurtured to keep up the desire
The years can roll on and we don’t see
That the us and the we can turn into me

I am sure it is common for many who wed
That 20 years on the passion and fire can seem like its dead
But we all have choices on how we want things to be
And it’s really just thinking about the us not the me

I know I’m impulsive and can push too hard
And my sorry record is really quite marred
But I truly do love you and that is a fact
Its just my expressiveness often lacks tact.

I sense that in time we can reverse the trend
Because you’re my true love and my best friend
In the long term I want you to be able
To the be the sole filly in my humble stable

I know you need time and some sort of space
And I need to be mindful that you have your own pace
So I guess I just work on being the man I can be
Then maybe over time that great fit you’ll see

I just want you know I’ll be there for you
I can’t bring much with me other than vowing to be true
I ask for nothing but your open mind
About feeling the us that I know over time we can find

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

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Posted - 07/30/2009 :  10:08:19 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Tobrien, First let me say welcome to the forum. I hope you continue to share your work with us. Secondly, this was a very nice poem which one can easily tells comes from the heart.
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FFP Poet Laureate

2160 Posts

Posted - 08/03/2009 :  05:09:29 AMPoems by G.Y.C.
hello tobrien this is great and really full of love and by the way welcome to the forum!:)
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 08/03/2009 :  9:10:50 PMPoems by robert
Welcome tobrien!!! keep sending to stuff on this site. We love to read more of your works. Anyway, this is a great one.

Nice job!!! - Robert
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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 01/02/2010 :  11:56:47 AMPoems by cutie
welcome to the website! we are happy to have you here! Fantastic poem sweetie! i love it!
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