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Glitter Glue Sex
FFP Freshman

79 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2012 :  2:35:53 PMGlitter Glue Sex's Poems
So many ways to escape the pain,
so many reasons to just walk away,
forever I kept my secrets within,
locked inside my black box of sin,
but as time grows old,
and hope floats away,
my secrets swell to the size of my pain,
I turned to the drugs to put them to sleep,
I turned to the knives to slice the roots deep,
I turned to the bottle to make me forget,
I turned to the sink to throw up again,
but my secrets awoke,
the roots grew again,
the bottle was dried,
the sink wouldn't spin,
I was blind in a world,
infected with light,
I was deaf to the music,
so sweet that is life,
my world was a copy,
of the fear deep within,
my joy had left me,
replaced my my sin,
my heart strived for arms,
to take me in,
but daddy was scary,
and mommy was scared,
and brother and sister,
were too paper thin,
I had to be strong,
when my heart cried for death,
the next thing I knew,
I awoke in a bed,
surrounded by wires,
I'd tried for an end,
I'd emptied two bottles,
of all of their pills,
and hid in the halls,
to embrace I'd be killed,
years of asking for someone to see,
this final plea was a deafening scream,
but the clock ticked by,
two hours then three,
and no one arrived,
to answer my screams,
but seeing how close,
I was to death,
I thought that maybe,
this was all for the best,
there would be no more pain,
and no more crying,
and no more daddy,
never trying,
no more disappointment,
in the tears mommy cried,
but no happy ending,
at the end of my life,
I was then strapped,
devoid of my clothes,
and wheeled to a place,
that they said held a cure,
I was hopeless and crying,
begging for death,
begging for someone,
to just let me rest,
I didn't believe,
a word that they said,
until I got here,
and started to tread,
the water for years,
was over my head,
they jumped in and saved me,
I would have been dead,
the music of life,
the light of the day,
are things I can finally,
experience today,
I'll give up the drugs,
and the sink and the knives,
I'll even give up,
all the times that I lie,
for I know that without,
these that helped me with life,
and a great deal of work,
I can surely survive.

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