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Dirty Minds

 Dirty Minds
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FFP Freshman

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Posted - 09/10/2012 :  05:52:47 AMjaykirkwood's Poems
I brought her back to my place, so I could test my luck,
we went into the bedroom, I hoped she'd like to

watch a movie

as she laid on the bed,
if she didn't want to do that, she could always give me


Cause I sure like to talk,
so I reached in my pants and I pulled out my

Hubba Bubba

And offered her some gum,
hoping she was kind enough and help to make me

Feel better,

Cause I was feeling sick,
but it always seems to help when I play with my


But she wasn't into it,
so I lifted up her sweater and I grabbed her


they were just by the front door,
when she walked out I called her a dirty


But it arrived late,
I decided that I should just

Go to sleep

Cause that's just how I be,
If we had had sex, she would of caught

A cold.

My first non rhyming poem, I hope you liked it,
But feel free to tell me if you thought that it was

No good.

Edited by - jaykirkwood on 09/10/2012 06:00:33 AM

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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

21318 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2012 :  7:19:42 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Jay, I liked this a lot. Humor is always a good thing even when we strike out. At the plate that is not in bed.
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FFP Freshman

53 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2012 :  7:58:36 PMPoems by jaykirkwood
Lol Ron, So much truth to that comment. :)
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FFP Poet Laureate

4764 Posts

Posted - 09/11/2012 :  10:29:30 PMPoems by divot
She wore no underwear and let me tell you what
when she bent over in that skirt you could see
she wasn't lying

Your poem was great, reminded me of Benny Hill.

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FFP Freshman

53 Posts

Posted - 09/12/2012 :  05:11:38 AMPoems by jaykirkwood
Lmao... Benny Hill!!! Now we are giving up our ages. :). Thanks for the compliment. And the added verse.
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FFP Poet Laureate

19522 Posts

Posted - 11/20/2012 :  07:26:46 AMPoems by magicman
I like this. Well done 10. Have you see One Night Stand or Hot Date
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Poetic DJ
FFP Poet Laureate

3100 Posts

Posted - 11/22/2012 :  11:32:26 AMPoems by Poetic DJ
Very, very nice, I was captivated from the start, I suspected a trick at the end but not to end that way, I was surely fooled, you got me. GOOD ONE.
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FFP Poet Master

557 Posts

Posted - 06/26/2013 :  01:02:15 AMPoems by xherdarkesthour
I have the dirtiest mind in the universe.... Bravo, sir!

Edited by - xherdarkesthour on 06/26/2013 01:02:39 AM
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FFP Rookie

New Zealand
35 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2013 :  03:46:38 AMPoems by Janelle
Love it!!!
Very creative.
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FFP Veteran Poet

170 Posts

Posted - 12/16/2013 :  11:03:02 AMPoems by lewderadar
An excellent play on words that were not there!!

Cheers - Richard.

Edited by - lewderadar on 12/16/2013 11:03:51 AM
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FFP Veteran Poet

449 Posts

Posted - 11/29/2014 :  5:46:02 PMPoems by brokentutu
An excellent poem, I guess I am dirty minded ;)
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