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 leave us alone
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lonly child
FFP Veteran Poet

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Posted - 09/23/2012 :  10:40:23 AMlonly child's Poems
i never cried so much,
i never knew life hurts this much!
the rumors,
their killing me slowly.
everyday it gets colder.
and more lonely.
this has been going on
for awhile now.
why do people have to be so cruel?
why can't they just leave me alone?
i have the same nightmare every night.
im in a room full of people
and their laughing at me,
then it goes dark and
i start falling.
i scream but no one can hear me.
as i fall deeper and deeper into
the darkness i start to lose faith.
i start to believe the other kids.
i start to wish i was dead,
and that no one will notice that im gone.
so i have decided that today is my last.
i am finally giving up the fight.
i hope that this makes all those people
happy because i am not.
i can't deal with this pain,
these rumors,
it cuts deep and it hurts.
so this is my final words,

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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 09/23/2012 :  2:47:39 PMPoems by lovehate
Dear Mary Crawford

You are not alone,
My dear one,
Your words have been heard,
Just believe In Peace,
Then Peace will find you,
Ignore those who hurt you,
Don't let them have power,
Don't let them have the strength,

Or they will put you down,
All you have to do is look up,
And say :
"I Am In Charge Now, I have the power"
You are stronger, You have the power,
Don't let them take it from you,
Life is worth Living,
All the great things you can do,
All you have to do is WANT, And go after.
It doesn't matter if someone on the left,
Looks at you with a funny face,
Or one one on the right side,
"Tells you off, says you look weird"
All you have to do, is "LAUGH"
And think in 10 years how you will be walking around,
With everything they ever wanted, Who will be sad, hurt then?

Mary Crawford,
Don't let Go.

I will call you "Blooming Flower"

Because to me,
You still need to see,
That you can/able to stand on your own 2 feet.
To not let Rumors win you or hurt you.
Because YOU know the TRUTH.

and thats what matters.

Hold on my *Blooming Florwer*

Edited by - lovehate on 09/23/2012 2:57:13 PM
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lonly child
FFP Veteran Poet

202 Posts

Posted - 09/23/2012 :  3:28:07 PMPoems by lonly child
:)i will
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