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Author Topic

FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  01:27:34 AM1992patricia's Poems
Also in Rhyming Poetry Game in Poetry Tutorials

..**.. Trance ..**..
..**.. Hour ..**..
..**.. Dance ..**..
..**.. Power ..**..

..**.. Night ..**..
..**.. Fright ..**..
..**.. Bite ..**..
..**.. Midnight ..**..

..**.. Midnight ..**..

..**.. Cool Trance ..**..
..**.. upon the hour ..**..
..**.. beauty dance ..**..
..**.. spooky power ..**..

..**.. Nighty night ..**..
..**.. shadow fright ..**..
..**.. cool bite ..**..
..**.. midnight ..**..

Edited by - 1992patricia on 02/18/2013 01:27:47 AM

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FFP Poet Laureate

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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  04:45:48 AMPoems by keshav
I simply loveee this.. 10
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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  08:49:26 AMPoems by Evangeline
Very neat poem, Patricia.
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FFP Moderator

United Kingdom
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Posted - 02/18/2013 :  2:39:34 PMPoems by PrinceCharles
*Cool Poem*
*Upon the Screen*
*Beautiful Picture*
*Spooky Theme*

*Night Night*
*With a Fright*
*Vampires Bite*
*At Midnight*

Edited by - PrinceCharles on 02/18/2013 2:40:32 PM
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FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
3496 Posts

Posted - 02/18/2013 :  5:33:52 PMPoems by pineapple
Nice! :D
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FFP Poet Laureate

2164 Posts

Posted - 02/20/2013 :  8:41:54 PMPoems by Endless_Love
Very lovely & beautiful poem & picture .. very well done Patricia .. :)
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FFP Poet Laureate

1805 Posts

Posted - 02/22/2013 :  9:46:47 PMPoems by seagull
Patricia...there is a German band called ACCEPT they perform a song called " Midnight Mover ".
It's a great song that I love to pedal to the metal speed in my car at night to !!
I put that cd and song in...acceleration through the dark streets !!
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Poetic DJ
FFP Poet Laureate

3093 Posts

Posted - 02/23/2013 :  1:41:41 PMPoems by Poetic DJ
Really nice poem Patricia, Your mind is so creative, great complimentary photo also.
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FFP Poet Laureate

1510 Posts

Posted - 02/26/2013 :  7:38:32 PMPoems by papo183
Patricia, marvelous expression of mystery of beauty. 10
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FFP Poet Laureate

2608 Posts

Posted - 04/18/2013 :  05:54:07 AMPoems by mrafs
Good poem
Yes I live there. :D
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Ennui Go
FFP Poet Laureate

3734 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2013 :  12:36:30 AMPoems by Ennui Go
I picture a Druid reciting this incantation in that moonlit glade.
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Rainbow Temples
FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
4850 Posts

Posted - 04/29/2013 :  6:54:53 PMPoems by Rainbow Temples
thanks for a lovely dovely flow of short and sweet rhyming words to read all the best and take good care
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