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Poems about Love

No matter what

 No matter what
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with Poems about Love
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Posted - 03/26/2013 :  07:48:23 AMHayleyW's Poems
When your family disapproves of your relationship. Who knows more about your relationship you share with your partner, you or them? No matter what they may say, there is no denying the power of love.

No matter what they say, no matter what they do.
Nobody can take away what I have from within.
They may say this and they may say that.
But all it is to me is noise.

I am not holding back from what we have.
Nobody can tell me how I should live my life.
Nobody can tell me to stop loving you.

Because I can't and won't ever give up the best damn thing we have.
They may not see, they may not understand.
But I know in my heart what we have is special.

Edited by - HayleyW on 03/26/2013 07:51:34 AM

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 03/26/2013 :  12:33:55 PMPoems by PrinceCharles
Hayley listen to your heart,not other people,
welcome to family friends.
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FFP Rookie

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Posted - 03/26/2013 :  7:12:57 PMPoems by HayleyW
Thank you prince Charles. I have been listening to my heart for the past four years. They jump at the chance of complaining over the smallest thing. I know he makes me happy. I feel like they continue to treat me as a child when in fact I am 29. I have matured and can make my own decisions. Only to them the decisions I make alone, to them are the 'wrong decisions'.

When I am with him I am so happy. But when I am with them, hearing the negative things they say I am so upset. They are not letting me be happy. Yet they don't see what they are doing to me. The people who hurt you the most is your family.

Thank you for the welcome. And I will enjoy sharing my poems for people to read.
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