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Sad Poetry

My Dad's first birthday spent in heaven

 My Dad's first birthday spent in heaven
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with Sad Poetry
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Author Topic

Liz Koschitzke
FFP Newbie

6 Posts

Posted - 11/16/2009 :  7:56:13 PMLiz Koschitzke's Poems
Thank you Dad for giving me your love
That was never questioned or withheld.

For showing me in your gentle ways, many skills
That are with me still and what in a true family,
A father’s role ought to be.

Also unknowingly to me –
You gave me a gift far greater than ever will be.
You showed me the light and the way of
Unconditional love;
Something that I thought I was incapable of.

I know you gave me this most precious of gifts
As I feel it, receive it in my children’s kiss.

Today, tomorrow, my whole life through,
I always will love and cherish you.

In God’s care, you rest above, yet your spirit
Stays with me; I am surrounded by your love.
I wish I could deliver this personally with a kiss
And lovingly tell you, you are desperately missed.

God Bless you Dad.

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Skye Webb
FFP Veteran Poet

165 Posts

Posted - 04/03/2011 :  08:41:05 AMPoems by Skye Webb
i like this.......... but such a sad poem :(
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 04/03/2011 :  12:00:01 PMPoems by Truthfollower
Sweet & loving my dear Lil' Angel Sis, Liz,

I gave you a 10 for this loving tribute to your Dad.
My parents are both gone now too, & they are sorely
missed. Your love for your Dad & that respect you feel
for him sure came through in this excellent write.

God bless you, & look forward to reading more of your poems
too!!! Welcome to this wonderful poetry site!!! Wait till you meet
the lovely folks on here. Theya re great brothers & sisters. :)

Love, Big Sis, Patty :) (Truthfollower)
XOXO <3 <3 ((((())))) <===<==(@
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FFP Moderator

13001 Posts

Posted - 06/17/2011 :  12:29:05 PMPoems by Trumpetman
Your poem is a Masterpiece of love.
Your Dad sounds like the kind of dad
all kids should have. You have honored him.

God bless you
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Kesi Miwa
FFP Veteran Poet

405 Posts

Posted - 11/06/2011 :  06:13:20 AMPoems by Kesi Miwa
Liz your poem truly is a masterpiece as trumpetman said. it is an amazing tribute to a dad that it sounds like any one would have been luck to have. the fact that you cherish him and everything he did for you is fabulous and this poem is a great tribute to show your love for him.

God bless
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FFP Poet Laureate

South Africa
1270 Posts

Posted - 11/22/2011 :  09:26:29 AMPoems by boitshoko
Ohhh..this poem made me cry.. my Mom passed away last year and on the 10th November was her birthday.

Liz what a beautiful poem to rememer your Dad with.


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FFP Moderator

United Kingdom
19974 Posts

Posted - 12/27/2011 :  3:08:36 PMPoems by PrinceCharles
I feel your pain thanks for sharing god bless.x
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Amber Lockheart
FFP Poet Master

892 Posts

Posted - 02/06/2013 :  2:00:52 PMPoems by Amber Lockheart
So sad :( One of my deceased friend's birthdays is coming up about a month from now and I always get a little sad around that time. Excellent poem, it brought out some old feelings, which is a good thing. Keep writing and God bless.
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FFP Newbie

0 Posts

Posted - 06/02/2013 :  8:41:14 PMPoems by rocker
Sad poem but well written.
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FFP Rookie

30 Posts

Posted - 10/02/2013 :  5:35:16 PMPoems by regena66
A wonderful memorial to your father .

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Terry c Lewis
FFP Poet Laureate

12853 Posts

Posted - 12/15/2013 :  09:37:48 AMPoems by Terry c Lewis
What a wonderful tribute of memories, it's so touching.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Sis Terry
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