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Spiritual Poetry

Keeper of the key

 Keeper of the key
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Author Topic

deborah jean
FFP Poet Master

850 Posts

Posted - 05/01/2013 :  8:29:36 PMdeborah jean's Poems
My heart seek for thee who is the keeper of the key
Who words hold the answer to life
Glory he bring, with joy I will sing
I will rise my hands up in praise
“Oh Glories One” I love you
In my heart your words will sing
When my eyes are wet with tears
My mental anguish cause me suffering
And my body aches and sorrow surround me
I get down on my knee
Turn my eyes toward heaven
And hold my hands together in prayer
I open my bible to John chapter fourteen
"Let not your heart be troubled;you believe in God,
believe also in Me
How I love these words
I hold them deeply in my heart
For it is here that my mind is ease and body at rest
For it is heaven that I seek
Hoping to see the keeper with the key
I seek for the one who walked on water
And calmed the sea
To the highest I will praise
I will humble myself to thee
With songs of joy I will sing
Glories One ,I give my heart to thee.
In Jesus name, Amen

Written by
Deborah Rouillard

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FFP Moderator

19028 Posts

Posted - 05/01/2013 :  10:55:02 PMPoems by Evangeline
Awesome poem! Thanks for sharing this.
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Alice Mae
FFP Poet Laureate

14656 Posts

Posted - 05/02/2013 :  2:26:51 PMPoems by Alice Mae
Deborah this is a most beautiful poem
and prayer. Thank you so much for
sharing this with us. Hugs and God
Bless you!
Love, sis Mae (10)
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FFP Poet Laureate

12083 Posts

Posted - 05/02/2013 :  2:59:20 PMPoems by Truthfollower
AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! Princess Deborah,

I join in with my 2 sisters above in
letting you know how blessed I was
reading this poem os yours!!! It was
totally a HEAR AMEN 10!!! :D I LOVE,
LOVE, LOVE IT!!! 10 X infinity is
also how I see this GEM!!! Keep it
up Sis,

God bless you,

Love, Big Sis Patty :) (Truthfollower)
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FFP Poet Laureate

4059 Posts

Posted - 05/02/2013 :  3:00:45 PMPoems by Freedom
Praise The Lord my dearest one I love this beautiful God living poem!! It looks like I have another sister in Christ!! God bless you Deborah!! Easy 10
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Terry c Lewis
FFP Poet Laureate

12855 Posts

Posted - 05/02/2013 :  4:13:21 PMPoems by Terry c Lewis
Deborah this is a most inspiring loving poem.
God bless,

Sis Terry
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FFP Moderator

United Kingdom
20037 Posts

Posted - 05/03/2013 :  05:31:41 AMPoems by PrinceCharles
Amen nice words Deborah.10
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Rainbow Temples
FFP Poet Laureate

United Kingdom
4865 Posts

Posted - 05/03/2013 :  06:00:02 AMPoems by Rainbow Temples
thanks for an excellent read if any spare time 6 poetry videos to watch all the best and take care
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Ennui Go
FFP Poet Laureate

3843 Posts

Posted - 05/04/2013 :  02:17:00 AMPoems by Ennui Go
A good example in turning towards God. An example I needed to read. Thanks for the Bible verse too. :)
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FFP Poet Laureate

1510 Posts

Posted - 05/04/2013 :  8:03:46 PMPoems by papo183
amen to that.
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Nick Hayward
FFP Poet Laureate

5267 Posts

Posted - 05/09/2013 :  3:01:04 PMPoems by Nick Hayward
Tremendous, inspiring poem, Deborah!
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deborah jean
FFP Poet Master

850 Posts

Posted - 05/12/2013 :  9:12:42 PMPoems by deborah jean
I like to Thank everyone for their precious and beautiful Comments on my poem. For Jesus is our savior and he always with us in everything that we do.
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FFP Poet Laureate

1254 Posts

Posted - 05/15/2013 :  5:08:43 PMPoems by colinb
Amen a beautifull read
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