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Poems about Love

"We Can Make it Together"

 "We Can Make it Together"
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with Poems about Love
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Author Topic

FFP Newbie

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Posted - 12/15/2009 :  06:40:18 AMjsiri01's Poems
If you have any suggestions for a new title I am definitely open to them!

We Can Make it Together

I can’t stand being alone
It feels like everything in life is blown
Like some coke, flying solo having a smoke
Life’s just a big joke
I try to tell you but I always choke.

I like you more than just friends
It’s getting too much for me to comprehend
All I know is that I belong with you
I’m attached to you, yeah it’s true.

I’d run from here to LA
Just to make you my baby
Your smile lights up my every day
Now I know this may sound cliché

But be my Juliet
I don’t know what’s ahead
We can make it together
There’s nothing that we can’t weather

We can sit back and laugh all day long
And I can sing you this song
Now who’s the joke on?
We can prove them all wrong

Let’s go out tonight
We can see the city lights
They’ll only last the night,
But in our hearts they’ll forever be bright

I’m sitting here and you’re all I’m thinking of
I can’t describe it, is this love?
There’s no feeling like being with you
Now I have to ask, do you want me too?


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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 12/15/2009 :  08:37:26 AMPoems by twildone12
amazing!! i love it
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

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Posted - 12/18/2009 :  3:03:29 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
J, very nice poem. I hope the answer to the last line is yes.
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FFP Poet Laureate

2160 Posts

Posted - 12/20/2009 :  11:20:46 AMPoems by G.Y.C.
i very much like it...

you don't need to change the tittle, it's much better to leave it the way it is.

i like the thought of your poem as much as i love the tittle of it, it was very very sweet and romantic, and like RONNIE, i also hope that the answer in that last line is yes....

well done, keep on writing!:)
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