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Poems about Love

Forgive and Forget

 Forgive and Forget
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Posted - 02/12/2010 :  06:26:06 AMlucy's Poems
Always wanting to forgive you
All the times I've spent alone
Reminisce about the good times
And the love that you have shown
Abandoning my precious heart
To break one more piece
Shattering my every hope
Laying alone in my dreams
Thinking of the possible
In my sleep you will return
To taste your kiss upon me
Easing my heart that is burnt
Just one small opportunity
To overcome this fight
Don't let them tower over
Making us despise
As I lay in the darkness
I thank the morning sun
To lift my spirits once more
Another day's begun
It could be so different
Why is it always the same?
Hearing other peoples lies
Always mentioning our names
Only I can hear me screaming
When you're miles away from home
Why can't wrongs be right?
Why can't they leave us alone?
I am tired of being broken
We can stand up and be strong
I will tear the blood from inside them
There will be no more wrongs
Take this silence from my heart
And throw it all away
I will not fear, but fight for you
So listen to what I say
I don't want to be without you
I've trod on this ground before
So when are you ready to tell me
That you will l love me for evermore?

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