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Joe Pesci

 Joe Pesci
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Posted - 02/08/2014 :  07:03:07 AMLitwit's Poems
Happy Birthday Joe Pesci

A talented fellow named Joe
Has earned himself plenty of dough
Playing hoodlums and thugs
Who filled people with slugs
Any time that it seemed apropos

Joe Pesci arrived on this day
Long before he got wrinkled and gray
His Dad tended bar
Earning tips in a jar
To embellish his hourly pay

As a barber Joe worked for a spell
Cutting hair and anointing with jell
He’d performed on the stage
At an earlier age
But it didn't go terribly well

Then at age 36 he was hired
For a film that is widely admired
Raging Bull brought him fame
And artistic acclaim
Which he’d quietly always desired

After that Joe was cast quite a lot
In films that more often than not
Were considered mundane
Unlike Citizen Kane
They premiered and were quickly forgot

But in Goodfellas Pesci broke through
As a guy who was part of a crew
Stealing cargo and cash
And the film was a smash
From the day that it made its debut

Home Alone was a box office hit
Where Joe played a blundering twit
Who attempted a theft
When a youngster was left
By himself to get by on his wit

When he played Cousin Vinny he killed
The producers were totally thrilled
Many tickets were sold
Joe was box office gold
As the star of the film he was billed

But Casino was likely the best
Of the movies with which he was blessed
To be given the role
Of a man with no soul
Who was often placed under arrest

In the film he played Nicky Santoro
Who inflicted much violence and sorrow
As a matter of course
With no hint of remorse
‘Til his friends whacked him in to tomorrow

Pesci's semi-retired these days
And involved in the staging of plays
He’s got plenty of loot
He’s a wealthy old coot
And the master of all he surveys

Now that Joe has turned 71
We salute all the work he has done
In the cinema arts
Playing numerous parts
Since the start of his wonderful run

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Posted - 02/08/2014 :  07:23:12 AMPoems by magicman
Brilliant 10
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