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Poems about Love

Already Taken

 Already Taken
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with Poems about Love
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Author Topic

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Posted - 05/29/2010 :  10:17:52 PMkeisha_writer's Poems
He is...
Always on my mind,
Always nibbling away,
At my pain,
Always nibbling away,
At my heart,
Too bad...
He is already taken,

He makes me,
Laugh so much,
His voice makes,
My smile so bright,
We are so tight,
We may fight,
But it's just for play,

He will always,
Be my best guy friend,
Maybe he won't,
Maybe I will find,
Someone better,
Who knows?
Too bad...
He is already taken,

His voice always,
Lifts my spirits,
To the highest level,
I'm so high,
I can't come down,
Sometimes I feel,
Like flying away,
Into his arms,
Stay there with him,
Until I have to kiss,
His tender lips goodbye,

Every time we talk,
I just fall in love,
He says the craziest,
Things and we finish,
Each other's words,
We are so in synch,
Why isn't he with me?

I guess I have,
Always been afraid,
I'm not ready,
To be his number 1 girl,
I guess I have some,
Growing up to do,
I guess it won't,
Be him I choose,

I love hugging him,
My head rests,
Right on his abs ;)
It makes me so mad,
He is already taken,

But as long as,
He is happy,
I will be too,
I guess we are,
Not meant to be,
Our names are not,
Written in the sky,
My love for him,
Has to fly,
My beautiful boy,
Is already taken,

What gives me peace of mind,
Is that he wanted to be mine,
At one I feel happy,
So it really doesn't matter,
If he is taken or not,
His heart, his friendship,
I already have.

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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 09/03/2010 :  2:41:13 PMPoems by ChristyJ
Lovely write! I enjoyed reading this!

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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 09/03/2010 :  2:51:52 PMPoems by keisha_writer
awwww thank you christyj! you're the best!!
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Ronnie Doe
FFP Moderator

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Posted - 09/03/2010 :  7:19:22 PMPoems by Ronnie Doe
Keisha, the next best thing to unconditional love is unconditional friendship. There is a woman I've known for thirty years who just recently got divorced. As much as I would like to ask her out when the time is proper I wouldn't want anything to jeopardize our long time friendship. I'd rather be her friend for the rest of my life than have a relationship not work out and lose the friendship forever.
Great poem as usual.
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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 04/10/2011 :  5:23:32 PMPoems by keisha_writer
wow that is very admirable of you! you are definitely not like most guys but that is a great thing! :D i hope you can ask her out soon! :)
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FFP Poet Master

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Posted - 04/19/2011 :  11:28:11 AMPoems by monkeys1234
Ya you gooo girl i like this
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FFP Moderator

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Posted - 04/19/2011 :  11:47:22 AMPoems by keisha_writer
awww thank you monkeys1234!! so sweet! :)
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