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Poems about Love

Amazed by you!!!

 Amazed by you!!!
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with Poems about Love
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Posted - 05/31/2010 :  12:12:21 AMRandyRose0705's Poems
How did this happen, you have amazed me beyond belief
Knowing for sure your coming, is the biggest relief.
At first it was hard, I didn’t think It was going to happen
Now we talk for hours on the phone, all the while laughin
Our attitudes towards each other have matured with time
We are in harmony like my poems, every sentence, every rhyme.
Every poem I have written I had fear on my mind
Now all I have are tears, not sad, the other kind.
The way you talk to me, and the little things you do
Just make me fall more in love with you.
Now is the time where I give it my all.
I’m on the court, the spotlight’s on, time to play ball.
We both have given a lot, to make it where we are
Never in my wildest dreams, did I think we would make it this far.
When I talk to you my spirits are lifted, and I smile uncontrollably
I think to myself, your perfect, no one else matters, you’re the one for me.
Even though we have three weeks to wait
Your attitude is promising, something I appreciate.
Something inside you has clicked, and I noticed right away
The feelings you have for me, come out, and are easy to say.
There has never been another girl that would do what you have done for me
Now its my time, ill spoil you, others girls will be jealous, just you wait and see
Give me time to get used to someone loving me with such devotion
Ill try my hardest, to share with you, each and every emotion.
You are my world, and you have changed me, with three simple words
You sing them out loud, I LOVE YOU, like a flock of beautiful birds.
Keep this up because I know I will to
I would make every sacrifice, to spend the rest of my life with you

Edited by - RandyRose0705 on 05/31/2010 04:48:51 AM

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Posted - 05/31/2010 :  10:19:36 PMPoems by keisha_writer
AWwww...THIS IS SO SWEET, ADORABLE, AND SINCERE!! (TEAR) so beautiful...she is so blessed to have you in her life!! as a couple, i hope you last forever! awww...i had to say it again! great poem!! just filled me up with joy!
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