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Poems about Friendship

Glad We Met

 Glad We Met
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Author Topic

FFP Veteran Poet

United Kingdom
246 Posts

Posted - 08/14/2008 :  12:39:18 AMSwordsman's Poems
Glad We Met

Wanderer you return once more
from lands of shadow and from
the distant shores.
How long will you tarry, how long
will it last till you sail again before
the mast.
What wind will call you this time
my friend, what compass bearing
will you set.
This restless spirit you will
always have.
But still I'm glad we met.

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Wendy Cooper
FFP Poet Laureate

1723 Posts

Posted - 08/14/2008 :  01:17:57 AMPoems by Wendy Cooper
I like this poem a lot need to cherish relationships while you have them. I have friends all over the place and I miss them when they go--but I would not trade them for anything.
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Ted L Glines
FFP Poet Laureate

1537 Posts

Posted - 08/14/2008 :  02:07:03 AMPoems by Ted L Glines
I love this poem, PJ We do pass like ships in the night but we cherish those we meet even when they pass over the horizon. Once in a while, we encounter a "keeper" and out come the grapnel hooks (both sides) to hold on tight through all of our nights ahead. Henceforth, we sail with those ships and become a fleet
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Poetry Granny
FFP Veteran Poet

359 Posts

Posted - 01/26/2009 :  1:53:30 PMPoems by Poetry Granny
I really enjoyed reading this and could readily identify with your wording. I especially liked the phrase "restless spirit." Good job!
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FFP Poet Master

702 Posts

Posted - 02/27/2009 :  04:12:43 AMPoems by Sasha17
I have so many special friends who come and go out of my life. I treasure any moments that I have with them and I know that they will always be with me...even if their compass is taking them elsewhere. I really loved your wording.
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FFP Poet Master

620 Posts

Posted - 02/04/2013 :  10:54:54 PMPoems by hopeless
very enjoyable to read !_! !!!!!! lol 10!
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Tia Mihr
FFP Poet Laureate

2918 Posts

Posted - 02/05/2013 :  3:18:09 PMPoems by Tia Mihr
A poem with a very special kind of message entwined within itself. Really enjoyed reading the poem.
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