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Poems by Teen Poets

Our Story, Why We Fit Together.

 Our Story, Why We Fit Together.
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FFP Freshman

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Posted - 07/30/2010 :  06:38:37 AMabbykins's Poems
I don’t know how it came about
You have become a best friend
What an odd pair we seem to be
They don’t know our secret though

There’s a reason we stick together
It’s ours alone, nobody needs to know
We need each other as strange as it seems
Or, at least I find myself needing you

You saved me from myself
I was pulled through my darkest times
Through countless hours on the phone
I’ve come to trust you

With all the stories and secrets you know
I could be broken down in a second
You don’t tell anyone, for an unfathomable reason
My secrets became yours as well

In return, I learned more about you
I might have driven you to doing things
That I regret, you should be happy
But you chose to stay around me

You told me about your imperfections
I dutifully listened even through your intoxication
It amazed me you weren’t perfect like I thought
You’re just as screwed up as me

That’s what keeps us around the other
Sure, we fight and argue a lot
In the end we realize that we are too close to forget the other
This is why I’m grateful to have a friend like you

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FFP Newbie

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Posted - 10/11/2010 :  8:31:14 PMPoems by banned
friends are everything in the world. if i didnt hve my 3 bestest friends in the world right now, and people here like you:) if u wnna be friends tht is, i would of been dead by now. so really loving poem:) wish hes still with you. he was rlly lucky to hve u
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